About Our Vegan Animal Sanctuary

Herd & Flock Animal Sanctuary was founded by Katie Dwight and Meghan Dibble to provide animals rescued from the meat, egg and dairy industries with a safe haven where they can live out their lives in peace.

Our supporters & community can connect with and learn about the needs of healthy, happy farm animals by getting to know our residents. They are ambassadors helping to raise awareness of the individual worth and dignity of all animals. 

Herd & Flock aims to educate about and promote the reduction of animal products in our lives, and advocates for a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Our Board of Directors

Katie Dwight, Meghan Dibble, Skyellen Beaber

How We Built Herd and Flock Animal Sanctuary

Meghan and Katie became vegan after attending an event at Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA. We had previously "adopted" a cow named Linus at Farm Sanctuary and were inspired by meeting him and all the other sanctuary animals. We decided that it might be fun to start our own sanctuary but it seemed like an absurd idea, something to talk about, but not actually do, for many reasons, including most importantly finding the right land for a sanctuary would be very challenging.

 We looked at a few properties but none of them were appropriate for starting a sanctuary. We had mostly stopped looking when, by chance, Katie saw a property for sale in Vacaville that was listed as a "good place to have a sanctuary.” It had previously been operated as a sanctuary by Animal Place, but they were moving on and selling the property. It had barns and fences and all the infrastructure needed. With some doubts but a lot of excitement, we brought the property. We went to a "farm animal care conference" put on by Farm Sanctuary to start learning about how to properly care for farm animals. And a month later we adopted our first animals - three farm pigs who had been victims of a horrible hoarding situation. We named them Luther, Tom, and Diego and we moved forward from there. Now we have over 40 permanent residents and an active fostering program. After less than a year from our purchase, we were forced to evacuate all our animals due to wildfire. Everyone survived although one of our barns was badly damaged. We refused to be discouraged. We returned to our property and now two years in we have saved a total of 540 animal lives.