New Rescues Welcome Home

Oct 29: Last week, a group of dedicated volunteers showed up at the other property to crate as many cats and pigeons and roosters as possible. There were about 20 cats in an 18′ x 12′ enclosure with scaffolding levels and dogloos. After swapping out dogloos for crates, the team was able to get 18 cats crated pretty quickly, but we had two hold outs. We are still working on them.

At the same time three amazing volunteers from Palomacy came to catch each pigeon, one by one, for health checks and deworming. Each pigeon was treated for worms, health checked, and banded with a colored number. To my surprise, they caught them all!

Crating the 6 roosters was a bit of a challenge, but we did it! Together we caught and transported nearly 80 individuals animals all within 4 hours. With the 31 we had already brought to Herd & Flock between Aug – Oct for urgent medical care and safety, we now have added over 110 animals to our sanctuary.

Thank you to the following volunteers who in the last two weeks broke down, transported, and set up 9 new kennels. They also weatherized, predator proofed, outfitted the insides for habitation, and finally brought home all our new animal friends.

Grace, Thomas, Mike, Belinda, Jo, Nick G, Geoff, Piper, Anna, Nick T, Shawn, Rachel, Donya, Melanie, Alyssa, Laura, Forest, Izzy, Isabelle, Peter, Mary, Mike, Julia, Marco, Gus, Becca, Naomi, Anjana, Sandra, KC, Liese, Faye, Patti, Kirk, Jessica, Melissa, Emma, Evan, Nick C, Kendra, Terran, several UC Davis student friends, and everyone on our animal care team: Gideon, Moneek, Roni, Jenn.

Thank you to many of our followers for donations of cat supplies and toys, pet beds, financial help and so many towels and blankets.

Thank you to our rescue partners:

From all of us, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.




Recap: A Vacaville animal rescue founder & caregiver of over 50 years has been declining physically & mentally to the point that they are not able to care for their 90+ animals, mainly cats and pigeons. We responded to a request to help last July, and we have been going several times a week to feed, water and clean.