PLEASE NOTE: We are currently at capacity and cannot take on any additional animals.

Rehoming Resources


We have faced many challenges since opening our rescue four years ago, but stepping up to help a local rescue close its doors and taking in their 90+ rescued animals, may be the biggest, yet. This other rescue has to close because the founder and only caregiver has brain cancer and dementia. When we first arrived, it was clear the animals had not been taken care of for some time. 


Taking in so many animals is not something we do lightly. But we feel it is unconscionable to turn our back and let these innocent animals be euthanized. We are sure you would agree. We are working hard to find new homes for all the adoptable animals, and until we have some open enclosures and spaces, we are not able to take in any more animals or foster. 


Please use these Facebook group resources to help find your animal friend a home: 



FANA Farm Animal Needing Adoption 

FAAN Farm Animal Adoption Network

Finding Home: A community resource for rehoming animals

Unity Farm Sanctuary's Awesome Animal Rescue Angels

Farmed & Exotic Animal Rescue Network


Avian: Chickens, Roosters, Waterfowl

Avian Underdogs Rescue Association 

California Rooster Rehoming

PNW Rooster Home

Rescue Bird Network

Vegans with Waterfowl

Pacific Waterfowl Rescue

Check with local backyard hen groups like Backyard Hens of Vacaville. Sometimes guardians would like a rooster protector for their hen flock. 



Pig Rehomes & Adoptions Finding Forever Families

🐽Pig Family Re-home and Rescue🐽

Maggies Adoption & Rehome

Adopt a PIG California

Esther's Army


Dogs & Cats

Solano Best Pets 

Solano County Pets

Solano Pets

S.C.A.A.R.F (Solano County Animal Adopt, Rehome, Find)