Animal Adoption

Please read about the process below before you submit your application to adopt.

Adoption Process

The process begins with finding the animal(s) you want to adopt.

When you know which animal you want to provide a forever home to, next make sure you know how to care for the animal. Select a local veterinarian for check up and vaccinations. See more information about caring for species below.

We are so happy you're interested in adopting one of our amazing foster animals. We currently have rabbits, roosters, cats and dogs ready for their fur-ever homes!


Please read about our adoption process (3-10 days) before you submit your application to adopt:

> Step 1

Decide on what kind of animal you would like to welcome into your family, and be ready to let us know if you have a specific animal friend you'd like to meet.

> Step 2

Check out our animal care information below to make sure you are able to provide an appropriate forever home for your new friend. 

> Step 3

Fill out the adoption application.

> Step 4

We will get back to you in 1-2 days with further questions and to set up a time for a meet and greet. 

> Step 5

Visit Herd & Flock to meet our adoptable animals. 

> Step 6

Sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee ($60-$120 sliding scale), and take your new friend home. 



Many new pets need time to acclimate to their new home, as described by the 3-3-3 Rule. This rule will help you understand the decompression process that your new furry friend will go through in the first 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months at a new home. Learn More >

Remember the 3-3-3 Rule

3 days

To Decompress

3 weeks

To Learn Your Routine

3 months

To Start to Feel at Home

Want more information about how to follow the 3-3-3 rule with your new friends?

Learn More >

Many veterinary clinics are overwhelmed and are not accepting new patients. Please check with your vet to ensure they can take on your new animal friend. 

Rabbits require a special exotics vet, and some veterinary clinics do not have a rabbit vet available. Please confirm you have access to a rabbit vet before bringing your new rabbit friend home. 

Many municipalities do not allow roosters. Please ensure you are zoned for a crowing fowl/rooster. Hen to rooster ratio is very important for health and safety. Ensure that you have at least 8-10 hens per rooster friend. 

Now, check out our recommended Animal Care information. 

Caring for barn cats - find more information at:

Caring for pigeons - information on >

Caring for rabbits - information on >

Caring for roosters - see Open Sanctuary's guide to roosters >

Caring for chickens - see Open Sanctuary's guide to chickens >

Caring for dogs - information on Pet MD >

Caring for friendly cats - information on ASPCA >

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